May 07, 2020 - BY Admin

Top 10 Tips for NEET 2020

Greetings to all the readers, hope you all are doing good in this difficult time. With the country under lockdown and due to pandemic cause due to coronavirus (COVID-19), many of the NEET 2020 aspirants in this difficult time must be thinking that they are facing an uncertain future as the number of cases of the COVID-19 on the rise but it is very important to remember that bad times do not last for long. NEET 2020 aspiring students must remain positive and must have a positive attitude towards the problem they are facing.

As the scheduled NEET 2020 paper was going to be held on the 3rd of march due to coronavirus (COVID-19) NEET 2020 will be held in the last week of JULY, i.e, 27th July. Also, the admit card which was scheduled to be released on 27th of the April but this has also been delayed and the admit card for NEET 2020 will only be released after accessing the situation after 15th April. Due to the lockdown in the entire country and also due to disturbance of law and order in the North East Delhi district for some time, boards (CBSE, RBSE, etc.) also have not been able to conduct all of their scheduled exams. For instance, in the northeast Delhi district, CBSE has not been able to conduct a lot of the main exams (e.g. Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, etc.) now these exams are vital for the admission in any college. 

The NEET 2020 aspirants mustn’t worry as the NTA (National Testing Agency) has already stated the safety and welfare of the students comes first. So it important for all the students to stay relax and have the right mindset.

Here are the Top 10 Tips for all the students who are trying to ace NEET 2020, these tips will not only help those students who are giving NEET 2020 but also to all those students who have some of their board exam left in the midst of this lockdown and also due law and disturbance in some parts of National capital:    

1. For the candidates who are appearing NEET 2020 has got extra time. The students should feel this as a blessing in disguise and it is the golden time to make for revising class XI thoroughly and make their weak topics strong. The students preparing for NEET 2020 shouldn’t forget to take a mock test daily and if the candidates don't have mock tests they must attempt previous years NEET papers.

2. Important topics of the subjects the students can focus on the remaining time for better marks:

Physics: Magnetism and matter, Current electricity, newton laws System of particles & rotation motion, and Modern Physics & Semiconductor devices.

Chemistry: Chemical Kinetics, Chemical bonding & molecular structure, s & P block elements, Equilibrium, and d & f block elements.

Biology: Human reproduction, biological classification, the plant kingdom, animal kingdom, cell, human health & disease, ecosystem, and the principle of inheritance & variation.

3. In the NEET 2020 UG exam, questions are asked from both class 12 and class 11 syllabus. The examinees are advised to go back to their NCERT Textbook and revise all chapters of Biology, Physics, and Chemistry subjects. First, the students must understand all the concepts of these subjects and then they must move on to advanced books.

4. While revising, the students must write down important formulas, concepts in a concise form to serve as a quick guide for revising a week ahead of NEET 2020. First for understanding the concept and then the students must write in their own words so that it's easier for them to revise at the last moment. The candidates can also go through them once a week to know them like the back of their hands.

5. While the candidates prepare their time table for NEET 2020 UG exam, they must make sure to keep a few hours for relaxation. Studying without a break can take a toll on the student’s mental health. The students can perform some exercise or yoga, play with your friends, or listen to music.

6. Using the previous years' question papers, sample questions, and mock tests to practice for the exam. A consistent practice of the question papers on a daily basis is very vital for developing their own strategy for the exam day. The candidate must find out how much time they are spending in each section and also on each question. With regular practice, the students would learn how much time they would require for each section or for each question type.

7. To ace the NEET 2020 only one thing is required by the candidate that is the speed with accuracy as the candidates have to do one question in one minute as many students were lagging in practice for the same but this is a blessing in disguise that the students have got more time for revision and practice.

8. The students who are preparing for NEET 2020 for the past year or two must remember even the slightest of the mistake can ruin their future. As the cases of the COVID-19 are on the rise the students must remain inside and must practice social distancing and follow the government guidelines. 

9. The candidates who are preparing for NEET 2020 may find these holidays as a source of leisure as many of them returned to their homes. But the students who are aspiring for NEET 2020 must remember these holidays are blessing in disguise for them if used accordingly. The students must focus on their revision and should take regular mock tests.  

10. Now a day there are so many free online resources which examinee have started seeing these online resources because of leisure time but these free resources can often confuse the candidate or the online resources might land the students in knowing something wrong so the examinees are advised that they should stick to the notes and resources from which they have prepared for the past year or two. If the students who want some eBook content, they should just download previous years’ exam papers and solve them especially those topics which were frequently asked or were their weaker topic. 

The National Testing Agency (NTA) has advised all the candidates and their parents to keep tabs on the website and for any latest update on NEET 2020. The candidates are being informed personally through their registered mobile number/ email-id. Along with this NTA has also said that the candidates can contact on the given numbers 8700028512, 817858359845, 9650173668, 9599967953, 8882356803 for any further clarification. In the end, I would just like to say to all the NEET 2020 aspiring student they must not let their head down, staying positive is the key in this situation. Stay safe and stay inside. Prepare ONLINE with AAYAAM Academy's Live Classes.